Our firm provides accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services primarily for small businesses and non-profit organizations. 

On the non-profits, we specialize in providing unique accounting services for churches for the past 15 years. Our services to churches ranges from basic accounting services to designing church accounting system, developing church budgets, comprehensive compensation package for ministers and other church employees and general business consultation, such as preparing church books in anticipation of purchasing high ticket items such as buying or constructing new building, and helping to package the bank documentations.

Moya Accounting as a consulting firm works with individuals who require additional time to solve business or personal financial issues outside the ream of mainstream accounting. Such issues include personal budgeting, financial planning, business start-ups, lease negotiations, business valuation, loan approvals and more.

Church Services

    Book and Record Keeping
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Reconciling records and preparing general ledger
  • Statement of Financial Positions, Activities and Cash Flow

Working in Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Law on Payroll Filings

Church Compensation Package for Ministers & Employees

    Tax Exemption Compliance
  • Recognition of your tax exempt status
  • Review minutes, bylaws and article of incorporation to ensure tax exempt status
  • Compliance with IRS 501 ( c) (3) status

  • Ministry Management and Consulting
  • Design church accounting system to meet IRS, ministry and professional standards
  • Church budget development & analysis
  • Independent Baptist Ministry: Analysis and planning of financial implications of leadership succession
  • Health Care Refund: review heath care premium paid for pastors and staff for possible refund

For an affordable monthly fee, we can provide you with timely, accurate reports and tax filings, freeing you to do what you do best …run your business.

We specialize in small, mid-size business and non-profits organizations and we understand your needs. We have day and evening hours available for appointments

    Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & loss Statement
  • Sales Tax & Local tax
  • Business license tax
  • Business property tax
  • Bank reconciliation

  •  Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Business & corporate taxes
  • Individual taxes
  • Estimated taxes
  • Tax analysis & planning
  • Tax liens
  • Tax levies
  • IRS negotiations and plan
  • Personal property tax

  •  Payroll
  • Complete payroll service
  • Print pay checks
  • Detail pay stubs
  • Payroll journal & reports
  • Monthly and Quarterly tax reports
  • Year end W-2 & 1099’s
  • Direct deposit
  • Electronic tax filing